Wool Shop

When the weather was warm and the days long (!!!) our sheep were shorn by our local shearers Will and Chris. This is something that happens every year on our farm, but this year was different. The beautiful fleeces from our Lleyn ewes were carefully sorted by hand. Any that didn’t make the grade went on our Veg patch, and the good fibre went into the wool sack. Three large wool sacks went off to The Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall for processing. Here they sorted, scoured and carded our fleece before spinning it into the gorgeous DK yarn we have for sale. 

Our woollen spun DK yarn came back to us as loose hanks, from here, it is either twisted up into a skein by hand or it will be hand dyed, using natural plant based dyes. 

We have been inspired by our surroundings and are dyeing some of the yarn using foraged plants found here on our farm. To improve their colourfastness the fibre is mordanted using a mineral based mordant. Dyeing is a lengthily process and each batch is unique. 

We are championing the wonders of British Wool and keeping artisan crafts alive. We care for our sheep in a sustainable, ethical and pasture fed way. 

Natural wool 

This wool is undyed and unbleached, in the natural colour of our flock. 


Dyed wool

Please note the colours on the screen may look slightly different in real life. Due to the nature of natural plant based dyes there may be variation in the colours, and the colour match may not be exact.


Care of Your Wool

Please treat your wool with care and love. We would advise you only to hand wash it and only use a gentle pH neutral soap in luke warm water. We would also encourage you to keep them out of  direct sunlight. 

The dyes used are natural and as part of their beauty will change over time.