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What does fashion have to do with agriculture?

Wool of course!

Over the years wool has gone out of fashion with synthetic fibres taking centre stage but we want to persuade you wool is cool!

Wool is such a fantastic material, it is natural, sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, breathable and easy care! Wool is truly versatile and can be used for everything from clothes to carpets, from compost to loft insulation.

Over 80 billion individual garments were sold last year globally, with many only worn once before being thrown away. The fast fashion culture is harming our environment. The fashion industry creates more CO2 emissions than international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Here in North Marston, shearing happens in late spring. Our brilliant shearers Chris and Will, carefully and skilfully shear our sheep. Shearing is a time honoured tradition and integral for sheep health. On most UK farms the wool then goes to British Wool and that is the last the farmer hears of it.

However, down on the farm in North Marston we love doing things a little differently. After shearing, our Lleyn fleece is hand sorted to ensure only the best quality fleece is rolled and packed into wool sacks. The fleece is then sent to the family run mill at The Natural Fibre Company, to be scoured and carded, before being spun into beautiful yarn and returned to us DK knitting yarn.

Wool is a wonderful and sustainable product that at the end of its useful life can be composted and go back to the soil.

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