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Should I Eat Less Meat?

This sounds like a crazy thing for a farm, who sell meat boxes to ask, but our answer might surprise you. We started to write this, after watching David Attenborough in Extinction: The Facts.

Industrial agriculture on the vast scale seen in the program is undoubtedly bad for the environment and one of the conclusions you may draw from it, is that we should eat less meat.

However, we don’t think this means no meat at all. We realise that to eat meat with a conscience, it must be farmed in a natural system, that not only maintains the status quo, but regenerates the land, and has a positive impact on the ecology of the countryside. There are lots of ways British farmers support the environment whether through creation of wild bird feeding strips, laying hedges, maintaining ponds and caring for wildflower meadows to name but a few.

Consumers have an amazing power at driving change: demanding the best welfare standards, the best farming practises to support nature and regenerate the ecosystem. We encourage you to ask every time you buy or eat meat, where has it come from? Buying seasonal and local will invest in the health of the planet and yourself.

Our final words in this months blog come from David Attenborough “If we make the right decisions at this critical moment, we can safeguard our planet’s ecosystems, its extraordinary biodiversity and all its inhabitants”.

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