We are committed to producing the highest quality, sustainable and ethical food to feed our family and friends.

We believe that when nature is at the heart of what we do, we can work in harmony with our environment, to support the wider ecosystem, whilst always treating our animals with the greatest care and respect.

In doing this we allow you to make a conscious decision to eat meat, that not only supports local farming, but also improves the health of the planet and the wellbeing of your family.



For three generations sustainable farming has been at the heart of what we do. Our sheep graze on ancient permanent pasture and herb-rich wildflower meadows located in the beautiful North Bucks countryside

Mixed woodland and specific wildlife habitats have been established and now contribute to around 5% of the total ground farmed.

Most of all, we believe that when you have healthy soil, you produce healthy animals, that in turn lead to healthy people.

100% Pasture Fed

"Pasture containing grasses, wildflowers and herbs is the natural diet of cattle and sheep. Yet today, very few animals are fed from pasture alone. Many farmers now try to produce their meat and milk as quickly as possible, by feeding things like cereals and imported soya, with animals indoors much of the time. So animals are vanishing from our fields and the tasty, healthy, grass-fed food they produce is hard to find." 

Pasture for Life